The seafarer in the Internet era

The era of romantic, adventurous and conqueror sailor is long gone. Today’s worldwide seafarer’s profile has dramatically changed. Most seafarers working in the global maritime industry are family fathers who strive and live a life of sacrifice for their beloved families. Although that living and working conditions have been significantly improved, with better safety measures implemented, the maritime industry professionals still facing high levels of risk and emotional distress.

One key factor for a well motivated, proficient and vigilant seafarer is the emotional balance. While they are physically on-board, seafarers minds are often traveling thousands of miles back home, and often suffering of homesickness crisis.

Seafarers are no different than any other human being, when they leave their homes and families they are also carrying with them all sorts of emotional burdens. They go from joy and happiness of a newborn child to worries for a sick family member. Since the Internet access had become available, seafarers shown a keen interest on it. Some shipping companies provide free internet access to crew on-board. Other companies are charging for it. Most seafarers are seeking alternative ways on their own, such as local or international mobile services such as Poginet International data SIM.

International Data SIM card

Data roaming proved to be too expensive for seafarers, making them to limit usage to a couple of chat messages. But using International Data services seafarers can enjoy reliable Internet connection at a flat rate anytime in many countries around the world. Affordable voice and video-calls are making their absence less painful also allowing them to be in touch with the outside world.

Since Internet access became available shipowners expressed their concerns that seafarers may abuse using it, hampering with their duties or squeezing their resting hours. Although that is unfortunately true, it is ironically happening simply because there isn’t still sufficient Internet access for those craving for it.

Counting the pros and cons reasons, internet access remains one of the top choices of modern-day seafarers, making their long time of absence from home pass easier, helping them to keep a positive state of mind and concentrate better to their duties.

One SIM card many destinations*.

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