Get mobile 3G/4G/Lte Internet access in all highlighted countries. Poginet International Data SIM coverage is in continuous expansion, stay tuned for the latest network updates.  Using the interactive map tool you can find partner networks in each country in case you wish to register manually or you have difficulties to connect automatically. 

Countries not presented in the interactive map where Poginet SIM works too:

Andorra – ALBtelecom; Faroe Islands – Hey Faroe Islands; Hong Kong – Hutchison; Jersey – JT; Liechtenstein – Salt, Telecom Liechtenstein; Macau – Hutchison; Malta – Go Malta; Reunion – Société Réunionnaise du Radiotéléphone; Singapore – StarHub; Timor-Leste – PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telkomcel).

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 *China, Japan and USA: Currently service available for Mi-Fi, USB-modems or tablets (eg. iPad) with following Lte band support: China: 3, 41; Japan: 1, 11, 18/26, 41; USA: 25 (MANDATORY BAND), 26, 41. Please check LTE band in tech specifications of your Mi-Fi, USB-modem or tablet.