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Prepaid International* Mobile Data Roaming

What is a smartphone or a tablet without Internet connection? Have you ever tried to imagine it?

Mobile technology is useless without internet access. In the past years mobile technology usage has shifted from ordinary GSM services, voice and SMS to Mobile Data.

Can you remember the last time you sent a SMS?

Nowadays Social Media dramatically reshaped the way we relate to mobile technology. Network operators offer loads of data to their users at fair prices, but what happens when you travel abroad? Have you experience to pay a lot of money for few Mb of Internet traffic in roaming or a nasty bill at the end of the month when you got back home?

Well, you shouldn’t let that happen again!

Poginet International Data SIM card will let you enjoy Internet like home at fairly reasonable prices saving you a lot of money benefiting from excellent flexibility and accessibility of our services.

So what is Poginet? 

Poginet is more than an international Data SIM card, it is your traveling companion, giving life to your mobile device when traveling abroad. It is there when you need it to find an address on Google Maps, to find a taxi in a foreign country, to stick to your mates and share your memories with your friends, is there when you want to be in touch with your work. Initially we addressed our services to maritime industry professionals and soon we saw demand from other walks of life, like airline crews, leisure and business travelers. Our service is available in a great number of countries around the globe. Please check the coverage section of our website as we constantly updating it adding new destinations periodically. Poginet SIM is a prepaid service and it has a  simple and comprehensive customer’s self-care portal, where the user can manage his/her account, top-up credit balance and activate any of the available bundle plans.

Our goal is to have more and more happy customers and always focusing on providing quality services. If you think that you might have any suggestions or questions about our product we gladly want to hear it.

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