How it works?

Just follow these simple steps to get connected!

Make sure your device is not locked with your carrier;

Choose the size of the SIM card you need for your device and take it out of the package;

Switch off your device, insert the SIM card and switch your device back on;

Go to Settings menu of your device* and set a new Access Point Name: APN – internet  

Turn on “Celluar Data”/”Mobile Data” and “Data Roaming”;

Wait while your mobile device is registered on the network, then open the web browser and type following URL: https://selfcare.poginet.com

Register & activate your SIM card providing your personal details and set your password. Valid email address is required;

Verify your email inbox and click on the link sent along with the welcome message in order to confirm your email address;

Alternatively your SIM card can be activated remotely from another device already connected to internet. In that case you will have to use the activation code printed on the back of your SIM card holder.

Enjoy borderless internet!

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