The right internet SIM card!

There are many situation when you can find yourself in need of an good and reliable internet SIM card.

  • Traveling to a new destination abroad? 
  • Getting in Port for your first time? 
  • Passing through a channel in premier? 
  • Going on shore leave in a new city?
  • Changing flights in an airport you never been before? 
  • Is your vessel near a coastline? 

If you are a Seafarer and the answer is yes to any of the above questions then this is a perfect solution for you to get connected to the internet. Always be in touch with your friends and family and never miss the latest news from home.

Knowing what sim card is right for your destination can be very difficult. 

It is very likely that the image below is familiar to you. 

finding best internet sim card
Pile of different SIM cards

No more hidden costs, no more trouble finding the right data options or bundles, no more headaches trying to reach customer service in unknown languages. Same price everywhere.

Why having a pile of sim cards, at least one for each destination, some with unused credit or unconsumed data left.  This is the perfect tool that helps every seafare to save not only precious time but money too .

No need to waste your time facing all these issues. Get online straight away!  One internet SIM, over 80 destinations worldwide. We are also working to extend the coverage of our service. If you have a destination in mind not yet included in our list please write it in the comments below. We will let you know as soon as it will be available.



No more stress, leave all this hassle behind with one single SIM card : Poginet Data SIM.

poginet internet SIM
Poginet Data SIM card

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Poginet Team

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